Music for string orchestra
by Mark Zuckerman
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North Country Dance (3' Imagine Music)  features passacaglia-like variations in an ABA structure. In the first A section, the opening theme is repeated with different decorations. The B section follows a similar path, but its theme evolves into the A theme. This leads into the second A section, which follows the same pattern as the first, except that the B theme makes an appearance as a counter melody decorating the A theme. Although the tune is most often carried in the violins, every part gets a chance to play it and every part always has something important to contribute.
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Shpatsir (3'45" Ludwig Masters) an homage to Percy Grainger (with whom I share a birthday). The title is Yiddish for "stroll," which captures the character of the piece. Every part has something to contribute.
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Theme Song (2' Imagine Music)  is meant to be fun for both players and conductors. Because of its mixture of meters (predominantly 13/8, organized as 9/8 + 2/4) and its bright and cheerful character, Theme Song has been the subject of many conducting clinics.
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Shir Kinah: Elegy for Victims of Terrorism (8' ACA) a transcription for string orchestra of the second movement (In memoriam September 11, 2001) of my string quartet. "Shir Kinah" is Hebrew for "elegy."
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